Sport/Exercise/Performance Psychology

Sport/Exercise/Performance Psychology

If you are a:

-Recreational Exerciser

-Amateur or Professional Athlete

-Youth Athlete

-Coach or Parent of an Athlete

-Performing Artist

-Military or Law Enforcement Professional

-Business Interested in Employee Wellness and Productivity

-Work/Activity Participant Looking to be Better at What You Do

Then we here at Mind-Ops can help you!

Educated at University, Certified Nationally by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (APA Div.47) and pulling from a variety of scientific disciplines including Sport Psychology, Exercise Psychology, Performance Psychology, Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Physiology, and Biomechanics, we here at Mind-Ops take an integrative approach to assessment, enhancement, recovery, and maintenance of positive mental and behavioral changes.  All action begins in the Mind.  By fine-tuning the processes of the Mind (both automatic and intentional) as well as through practicing Mindfulness, we are much more likely to achieve our goals and dreams.  At Mind-Ops we assess your personal strengths and areas for growth, tailor psychological interventions to meet your individual needs, help keep you accountable to your Ideal Self, and support you throughout your individual change process.  In addition to instruction and training of Psychological Skills for Performance Improvement, Sport/Exercise/Performance Psychology may include work with individuals or teams regarding Psychological Recovery from Injury, Rehabilitation, Effective Communication, Team Building, Mental Toughness, Resolution of Fear Issues, and Career Transition

Psychological Skills Enhanced through Sport/Exercise/Performance Psychology:

- Attention
- Focus
- Confidence
- Arousal Regulation
- Emotional Regulation
- Imagery
- Self-Talk
- Motivation
- Prevention and Recovery from Burnout
- Mindfulness
- Enjoyment of Activity